The 5 common mistakes why lash lifting didn’t work when you apply it!

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The 5 common mistakes why lash lifting didn’t work when you apply it!

Carla H. McNulty, celebrity lash expert and founder of ICONSIGN Cosmetics in New York City, says lash lifting is a set of procedures to curls your lash from base to tip so you can see the full length. All lashes have their natural shape, so this process changes shaping through a tiny curling rod and a lifting solution. (It's not as frightening as it sounds because your eyes are closed when it's applied, here are the most common mistakes why lash lifting didn’t work with you!

1. Not cleaning the lashes thoroughly before performing the procedure.

It is essential to have clean eyelashes before going with the procedure.

Because even though there isn't any makeup residue or a trace of mascara in your eyelashes, the dirt and oil can prevent the eyelash lifting solution from entering the eyelashes follicle, which in turn isn’t able to lift or change the shape of the lashes.

2. The lashes came out all crinkled and crisscrossed.

Another common mistake made during the most critical time of the process.

The way how you laid out the lashes while glued to the lifting pad and after you applied the lifting solution is how it will look at the end of the procedure. Make sure to separate the lashes ideally.

3. My Lashes got over curled!

Congratulations! You’ve made it into the end of the process, and you can’t wait to get rid of the solution and take a picture with your newly lifted lashes.

But unfortunately, you noticed that your lashes got so curled up after you performed the procedure.

The reason people’s lashes over curl is because the solution was left in the lashes, even if it’s a little bit it will continue to process. So, make sure to clean off the solution thoroughly with the cleanser or a lukewarm/ cold water.

P.S Do not use hot or steamy water because it will ruin your lift.

4. The lifting pads/shields keep moving, and I'm unable to stick my lashes to the lifting pad.

The most common reason why this might happen is that you weren’t able to clean your eyelids or eyelashes thoroughly.

Oil residue will make it hard for the glue/adhesive to work.

5. The curl is too close to the tip!

So you’ve already cleaned up your lashes and eyelids, probably very excited to move on to the next procedure, which is using the glue/adhesive to put on the lifting pad.

The following common mistake is placing the lifting pad so low from the lash line. Make sure that when you are ready to put the lift pad in your eyelids, the bottom part of the lift pad should at least be just above your lash root area.